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A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (or FIBC), also called Bulk Bag, Jumbo Bag, or simply Big Bag, is a container manufactured from flexible materials (usually poly-propylene) having a capacity of not more that 3m3 and/or a gross mass when filled of not more than 3,000 kgs. They are designed to be lifted by integral or detachable devices.

A single-trip FIBC is designed and intended to be used for one filling and one discharge only.

A multi-trip FIBC is designed and intended to be used for more than one filling and discharge.

FIBC are designed for the carriage of dry, homogenous, free-flowing cargo. It offers maximum untilsation of cargo space.


Cargo Slings are the replacement for conventional wooden pallets. They are used for shipping cargo in sacks with capacities of up to 2 M/T. To see an example of Cargo Slings in work, please click here.

Industries currently using FIBC are Industrial Chemicals & Synthetic Minerals, Speciality Chemicals, Biotechnology, Fetilizer, Food & Agricultural, Glass, Cement, Lime, Abrasive, Refactories & Clay, Non-ferous Metals & Ferroalloys, Paint & Coating, Oil & Gas Explorations, Pharmaceuticals, Soap & Detergents, Carbon, Steel, Coke & Coal Tar Chemicals, Rubber & Plastic Products, Waste Management & Recycling.

At SPI, we can custom design and manufacture FIBC for your specific Products and load requirements.

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